09 April 2009

Beer Industry Vital to State Economy

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Story from ABC Detroit

A new study shows that the beer industry contributes almost $5 billion to the Michigan economy every year.

It also shows that the industry, made up of brewers, importers, distributors, suppliers and retailers, supplies more than 60,000 jobs, paying more than $1.75 billion in wages and more than $340 million in federal, state and local taxes.

According to the study, the industry directly employs 37,578 people in Michigan. Indirectly the industry helps provide 33,658 jobs at licensed retailers, including supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants, stadiums and other outlets.

Nationally, the beer industry directly and indirectly contributes more than $198 billion annually to the U.S. economy and provides nearly 1.9 million jobs - generating nearly $62 billion in wages and benefits. The industry also paid $41 billion in business, personal and consumption taxes in 2008. Consumption taxes included $3.8 billion in federal excise taxes, $1.7 billion in state excise taxes and $5.7 billion in state and local sales taxes.

The study was conducted by the National Beer Wholesalers Association (NBWA) and the Beer Institute.

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