04 April 2009

$250 Stimulus Check To Go Michigan Seniors, Disabled Vets

As Originally Posted to the Detroit News

Seniors and disabled veterans in Michigan can start looking for a $250 check from the economic recovery package beginning in early May, the White House announced Thursday.

The onetime check should be received either via mail or direct deposit by the end of May, said Rep. Gary Peters, D-Bloomfield Township.

"This boost for seniors and veterans will be extremely stimulative for our economy," Peters said.

"Retirees and veterans on fixed incomes are likely to spend this funding quickly, generating increased economic activity. And, of course, providing an increased benefit for seniors and those who have served our country so they can make ends meet in tough times is the right thing to do," he added.

The check will be sent separately from regular monthly benefits.

Others who qualify for the $250 check are Railroad Retirement Board and Social Security and Supplemental Security Income beneficiaries. The exception is SSI recipients getting Michigan Medicaid insurance in care facilities, Peters said.

People who overlap into more than one category will only receive one check for $250, Peters said.

Also by April 1, the "Making Work Pay" tax credit of $400 per person or $800 per couple kicks in. Wage earners will see a reduction in withholdings from their regular paychecks.

The reduction totaling $400 over one year is for individuals earning $75,000 or couples earning a combined income of $150,000.

Individuals earning up to $95,000 or couples earning up to $190,000 will get a smaller reduction.

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