22 January 2014


Story first appeared on UpNorthLive.com.

BENZIE COUNTY -- The woman accused of killing her newborn baby in Benzie County was back in court Tuesday, and her court appointed attorney is asking for more money for the defense.  If you have been wrongly accused, contact a Flint Child Abuse Lawyer today.

Alyce Morales' defense attorney said he needs the money to pay for another forensic expert to look at the evidence in the case.

Morales is being charged with one count of open murder and one count of manslaughter in the death of her newborn baby at the Platte River Campground. She was arrested after giving birth at the campground in July.

Investigators said Morales had been hiding her pregnancy from her parents and gave birth alone in a tent while vacationing with relatives.

Defense attorney Jesse Williams claims Morales' mother knew she was pregnant. 

The medical examiner and the doctor who performed the autopsy testified the child died from blunt force trauma to the head and the abdomen.  Contact a Muskegon Child Abuse Lawyer for more information on Michigan abuse laws.

Williams is hoping to find another expert to shed more light on exactly what happened to the baby.

“We need to locate a person qualified to do that, and that's what I asked the court for permission to do, or at least some time to do to file a motion,” said Williams.

Williams says there is no clear timeline for the case as the defense waits to get approval from the court to bring in another forensic expert.

Morales' trial was set to start Wednesday, but was delayed.

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