10 September 2012

Is Michigan Back-sliding?

Original article appeared in GrowMIjobs

The Michigan Supreme court's decision to allow unions collective bargaining proposal to appear on the November 6th ballot could have drastic consequences for Michigan-based businesses.

The Wall Street Journal suggests Michigan may lurch into reverse by voting to “entrench monopoly union power" into our constitution. If voters approve four union-backed proposals in November that is exactly what will happen.

Most troubling: a Detroit News poll shows most voters don't yet understand the proposals. Michigan’s economy simply must not be placed in the hands of uninformed voters.

These proposals are budget-busters, with the most sweeping collective bargaining proposal costing taxpayers "hundreds of millions of dollars." The impact could be “devastating” to the state’s economy, The Detroit News warns. Detroit Free Press Editorial Page Editor commented he fears Michigan will be tougher to govern and less appealing to businesses and residents. 

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