11 October 2010

Contractor Recruiting Event in Lansing draws Hundreds

Lansing State Journal

LANSING -- Joanne Fairmont Yinger is an interior designer always looking for the right work.

With the Ingham County Land Bank recruiting for hands willing to renovate foreclosed homes, she had little to lose by checking in at the third annual Contractor Recruitment Day.

“There has to be a role some place for an interior designer,” she said.

Yinger perused the information booths set up at Gier Community Center today and learned more about the proper insurance she might need if she won a land bank project funded by federal dollars.

At the end of the day, she said she knew her attendance at the event drawing approximately 200 people was worth the effort.

“It still feels like a feasible thing,” Yinger said, planning to Tweet and Facebook her recruitment day activities later in the day. “I’m mini-networking as well.”

The land bank advertised its well-attended event, which surmounted last year’s attendance by more than 100, by sending out more than 1,000 fliers.

Eric Schertzing, the land bank’s chair, said he’s hoping to expand the pool of businesses he now works with.

Within the past year, he said, the land bank has worked with approximately 100 businesses that renovated 56 homes.

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