05 July 2010

Goals Outlined by Michigan Good Food Charter

Chicago Tribune

A list of some goals to be met or exceeded by 2020 as outlined by the recently released Michigan Good Food Charter:

-- Michigan institutions will get 20 percent of their food products from Michigan growers, producers and processors.

-- Michigan farmers will profitably supply 20 percent of Michigan institutional, retailer and consumer food purchases. 
-- Michigan will generate new agriculture and food businesses to enable 20 percent of food purchased in Michigan to come from Michigan.

-- Eighty percent of Michigan residents will have easy access to affordable, fresh, healthy food.

-- Twenty percent of affordable, fresh, healthy food for Michigan residents will be from Michigan sources.

-- Michigan Nutrition Standards will be met for all school meals and 75 percent of schools selling food outside meal programs.

-- Michigan schools will incorporate food and agriculture into the pre-K through 12th grade curriculum.

-- Youth will have access to food and agriculture entrepreneurial opportunities.

Source: Michigan Good Food Charter.

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