02 May 2010

Michigan Couple Write Book About Embryo Mix-Up

Associated Press

UTICA, Mich. — A Michigan couple whose baby was carried and delivered by another woman because of a rare frozen embryo mix-up is sharing the extraordinary story.

Paul and Shannon Morell have co-written a book due out Tuesday called "Misconception." It chronicles the Detroit-area couple's saga after learning another woman was pregnant with their child.

A fertility clinic had mistakenly implanted the Morells' embryos in Carolyn Savage of Sylvania, Ohio. The Morells say they have reached a confidential settlement with the unidentified clinic.

Savage and her husband, Sean, never considered having an abortion or raising the child. Carolyn gave birth to Logan last September.

The Morells said the couples are friendly and stay in touch. The Savages say it's been a difficult time for them.

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