15 December 2009

Another $13 Million From EPA To Fight Asian Carp

Detroit Free Press

The Environmental Protection Agency announced $13 million in funding late today for measures that would help keep Asian carp out of the Great Lakes.

The funding will come from $475 million already approved by Congress this fall to help restore the Great Lakes.

The EPA said the money would go to efforts that would keep Asian carp in the Des Plaines and other rivers and canals from washing into the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal during floods.

That fear was raised in the past six months by environmental groups and others concerned about spread of the voracious invasive species of carp.

The money will also go to pay for more DNA testing to determine where Asian carp are in the Chicago waterways that lead to Lake Michigan. So far, that testing has shown the presence of flying silver carp seven miles from Lake Michigan.

Michigan members of Congress have been pushing hard in the last two weeks to make sure that various federal agencies dealing with the carp problem get the funding they need.

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