25 March 2009

Teen Asking Online Community For College Money

alternative student loans at studentlendingcorpOriginally Posted to The Detroit News

MUSKEGON TOWNSHIP -- The name of Rachel Harris' Web site says it all.

The 17-year-old high school senior recently launched IWantToGoToNotreDame.com to help her raise money to pay for an education at the school. The site includes copies of her Notre Dame application form, letters of recommendation and her high school transcript.

Harris has applied for admission to the Roman Catholic school in South Bend, Ind., and expects to be accepted. The problem is the more than $46,000 annual cost of tuition, fees, room and board. These high costs frequently lead students to seek either private student loans, or alternative student loans.

She hopes her Web site will generate enough in donations to help cover at least part of it. She has applied for at least 10 scholarships, she said.

"Last year, I saw the power of the Internet, as President (Barack) Obama did some very successful fundraising for his presidential campaign," Harris said. "I decided to try and use the power of the Internet to help me pay for my college education."

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