04 March 2011

Go Green By Taking Advantage Of An Auto Transport Company

The movement to become more "green" is evolving at a rapid rate. One area that is not jumping on the green bandwagon quite as quickly is the automobile industry. New models for fuel-efficient vehicles are unveiled every year, however many of these hybrids are only considered "concept cars." However those small, gas saving vehicles that are available for purchase, are only affordable to those buyers who have the pockets to pay. A simple method to contribute to the trend of going green is to utilize auto transport services. United Road is one company that has pioneered the vehicle logistics industry and has made considerable efforts to help minimize carbon emissions.

The Department of Energy has released compelling data regarding the amount of carbon dioxide one gallon of gasoline produces. In addition, the Department calculated the average miles per gallon (mpg) used by a standard vehicle, the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by a single gallon of diesel, and the median mpg for a typical truck used for car shipping. In a matter of just one year, a auto transport company has the capability of preserving up to 2,926,000 gallons of fuel and cut greenhouse gas emissions by an astonishing 38,216,000 pounds.

United Road has taken such statistics seriously and is implementing ways to make better use of these figures. The company utilizes highly-efficient flatbed trucks and enclosed car carriers for its car shipping services. In addition, United Road uses advanced OVISS technology to further improve transit efficiency and timely delivery.

Another strategy United Road has applied to help the planet become greener is using auto transport terminals. The company has built several designated pick-up and drop-off locations found in major areas all throughout the country. This helps to reduce the length of trips that car haulers must take to each destination. In addition, United Road logistics planners work directly with automobile manufacturers and dealerships to ensure auto transport trucks are loaded to their fullest capacity.

United Road offers some of the lowest auto transport rates in order to make car shipping more affordable for the average individual. The company also strives to increase the overall awareness and benefits vehicle transporting, one example being the companies ties to eBay motors. In fact, United Road was awarded 2009 "Carrier of the year" and preferred carrier of eBay motors. Learn more about United Road and the benefits of auto transport.


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