08 February 2011

Accelerate your career search by earning one of these promising degrees

Wouldn't it be wonderful to hear the words: "So can you take the job?" shortly after you earn your degree? By choosing the right degree, you just might be able to select your ideal job of choice.

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), your major is the most significant factor in determining your employment status come graduation. Review, highlight, and study these five degrees that offer grads great odds for getting hired - almost immediately.

#1 - Accounting Degree
New regulations in accounting practices, which were recently passed by Congress, have made this credential even more valuable. According to a 2010 survey by NACE, 47 percent of accounting majors earn a job prior to graduation.
Related Careers and Salaries:
Accountants: $59,430
Personal Financial Advisors: $69,050
Financial Analysts: $73,150
Did You Know? According to a 2010 survey by Universum Group, the Big Four accounting firms (KPMG, Ernst & Young, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Deloitte) finished just short of Google and on top of companies like Apple, Microsoft, and Goldman Sachs on a list of "dream employers" for students going for a bachelor degree in accounting.

#2 - Business Degree
Businesses will pave the road out of an economic slump, and they will need new workers to help make it happen. Over 45 percent of students pursuing a bachelors degree in business administration discovered a job prior to graduation, according to NACE.
Related Careers and Salaries:
Insurance Underwriters: $56,790
Administrative Services Managers: $73,520
Financial Managers: $99,330
Did You Know? According to the U.S. Department of Education, degrees related to business made up 21 percent of all bachelor's degrees awarded in 2008.

#3 - Computer/Information Systems Degree
Over 44 percent of bachelor degree CIS students were given at least one job offer prior to graduating in 2010, according to NACE.
Related Careers and Salaries:
Computer Support Specialists: $43,450
Network Systems Analysts: $71,100
Computer Scientists: $97,970
Did You Know? Large tech companies like Facebook and Apple have ramped up their hiring in Silicon Valley. For the IT industry, this was an increase in jobs for the first time in nearly two years in September 2010.

#4 - Engineering Degree
Engineering students find jobs quick - often times prior to graduation. In addition, engineering graduates, even entry-level, earn handsome salaries that exceed many MBA degrees. According to a separate NACE survey, eight of the top 10 highest-paid majors are related to engineering.
Related Careers and Salaries:
Civil Engineers: $74,600
Chemical Engineers: $ 84,680
Petroleum Engineers: $108,020
Did You Know? The first wireless telephone patent was issued in 1908 to an engineer named Nathan B. Stubblefield. He also ran a school founded on a farm that is now coined Murray State University.

#5 - Health Sciences Degree
According to NACE, nearly 39 percent of health sciences majors have earned a job offer before graduating in 2010. The U.S. Department of Labor estimates that health care will provide over 3 million new jobs through 2018.
Related Careers and Salaries:
Medical Assistants: $28,300
Health Information Technicians: $30,610
Registered Nurses: $62,450
Did You Know? Many careers in the health care sector are available to those with just an associate's degree. But for students, like those seeking a bachelor degree in nursing, will need a full four years under their belt.

(*All salary data comes from the U.S. Department of Labor and is based upon median salaries for 2008.)

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