07 October 2009

Mayor Bing Looking For Costs To Cut

Story from the Detroit Free Press

Detroit Mayor Dave Bing this morning said the finding of his crisis turnaround team that most surprised him was the large number of city-leased or -owned properties that house city workers.

“We can do some consolidation to get our people in some of the same locations and cut out cost there,” Bing said.

The mayor’s comments came during a morning news conference where he officially released the turnaround team’s report – a 145-page document that makes recommendations on how to improve city operations. Bing commissioned the report when he was elected in May, and sought suggestions from the business, financial and legal communities on how to remake city government.

The Free Press first reported details of the report this morning on freep.com. The Bing administration has compiled time lines of three months, six months and one year to accomplish at least 27 goals, including privatizing the management of the Coleman A. Young International Airport and closing the Mistersky Power Plant.

“We’re not going to stop with the recommendations we have agreed upon,” Bing said. “This is a living document. We’ll continue to look at it. We’ll continue to update it and improve it.”

Joe Walsh, a team cochair, said the more than 50 volunteers who worked on the turnaround team report were extremely competent and knowledgeable. Beyond experience, though, Walsh said they were stakeholders who wanted to help Bing navigate through the city’s cash crisis.

“They were very supportive of the fact that the city has an opportunity to move forward,” Walsh said.

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